LGAT General Meetings

We hold at least three General Meetings every year.

The purpose of these meetings is to formulate and ratify policies that have been developed in consultation with member councils. Votes are taken, and a majority of member councils constitute a quorum.

Per the Rules of the Association, General Meetings may be called by the president or the LGAT General Management Committee.

In addition to formulating and ratifying policy, another purpose of the General Meeting is to consider extending the term of office of the general management committee, the president, or the vice-president.


From time to time, presentations are given at General Meetings on topics of value and interest to our members and the local government sector. If you'd like a presentation copy, you can find them in our member portal.

Rules of the Association

You can find the Rules of the Association here, including the Conduct of General Meetings.

Submission of Motions Form - General Meeting  - view here