What we do

Tasmania’s local councils and communities thrive when they have skilled and motivated staff and elected representatives, and efficient ways of working.

We are the peak body enabling Tasmanian councils to share services and information, negotiate group buying deals to get higher quality equipment and services at lower prices, keep up their professional development and benefit from specialist research and advice on essential issues all councils deal with.

Rather than each council doing everything itself, we help them to be more efficient.

We also ensure that the collective voice of Tasmania's local governments is heard in local, state and federal politics, and out in our communities.

Advocacy and policy

We provide specialist advocacy and services to our member councils.  This includes policy and strategic advice and intergovernmental relations, information and development for local government elected members and officers and procurement of employee relations and insurance services.

Business services and procurement

We negotiate on behalf of councils to get the goods and services they need at much better prices, with more favourable terms, than they would if they all needed to source them separately. We look for opportunities to buy locally where possible to strengthen local economies.

Intergovernmental relations

We are the link between the Commonwealth, Tasmanian State and Local Government on matters of policy, finance, legislation/regulation and roles and functions. In fulfilling this role,  we consult with councils and coordinate communication between these levels of government. We strive to equally and fairly represent councils on matters of common interest.

Policy and legislation

We present local government policy in deliberations with other spheres of government and to interest groups such as industry and the community. Local government policy is developed through various mechanisms including the LGAT General Management Committee and General Meetings, working groups, workshops and committees.

We seek to ensure that local government policy objectives are presented during the development of legislation and that potential impacts on councils and their operations are fully considered.

Local government representation

Council members, council officers and LGAT employees represent local government interests on a wide range of statutory authorities and government and non-government committees.

Recognition and awards

At the request of councils, we formally recognise the significant contributions of elected members and council staff through the presentation of awards.

We also coordinate the annual Tasmanian Local Government Awards for Excellence and Service Awards.

Communications and media

We communicate regularly with councils in a range of ways, helping to solve problems, enabling information-sharing between councils and advocating on their behalf. We also talk to the wider community about issues affecting local communities.

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Professional development, events and assistance for council staff

We provide a cost-effective professional development program that is responsive to the needs of councils, elected members and staff. Seminars, specialised workshops and forums provide information, skills, and networking opportunities and pave the way for discussions about policy development.

The annual Tasmanian Local Government conference brings together over 200 key local government decision-makers including mayors and deputy-mayors, councillors, general managers and senior executives.

Our LGAT Assist program provides financial counselling, low-interest loans or grants to council staff when they have health, financial or general personal difficulties.