Who We Are

The Local Government Association of Tasmania (LGAT) is the voice of Local Government in Tasmania. LGAT works to protect the interests and rights of councils, to promote the efficient operation of Local Government and to foster strategic and beneficial relationships.

LGAT has been the peak body for Local Government in Tasmania for over 100 years (founded 1911) and is part of a national network of associations. It is funded by councils and other income earned through projects sponsored on behalf of Local Government, and a range of services and sponsorships. LGAT is an incorporated body under the Local Government Act 1993.

Our Vision:          Vibrant Tasmanian Communities

Our Mission:       Help Tasmanian Councils be the best they can be for their communities 

Our Values:         Ethics, Impartiality, Respectfulness, Accountability, Commitment, Creativity

Our Core Purpose:

1. Protect and Represent the interests and rights of councils in Tasmania

2. Promote and efficient and effective system of Local Government in Tasmania

3. Provide services to Members, Councillors and employees of councils

LGAT Rules adopted June 2020

General Management Committee

A General Management Committee (GMC) of eight members provides oversight to LGAT operations. The GMC is elected by LGAT member council representatives every two years. It comprises the popularly elected president, the Lord Mayor and six other members elected by regional groupings of councils. The vice president is elected by the GMC.

Mayor Christina Holmdahl
West Tamar Council
Phone: 6383 6350

 Mayor Doug Chipman

Vice President
Mayor Ben Shaw
Southern Region
Derwent Valley Council
Phone: 6261 8546

 Mayor Ben Shaw
Mayor Daryl Quilliam
West – North West Region
Circular Head Council
Phone: 6452 4800
 Mayor Daryl Quilliam - Circular Head Council

Mayor Annette Rockliff
West – North West Region
Devonport City Council
Phone: 6424 0511

 Mayor Annette Rockliff

Lord Mayor Anna Reynolds
City of Hobart 
Phone:  6238 2711

 Lord Mayor Anna Reynolds

Mayor Mick Tucker
Northern Region
Break O'Day Council
Phone: 6376 7900

 Mick Tucker

Clr Geoff Lyons OAM
Northern Region
West Tamar Council
Phone: 6323 9300


Alderman Brendan Blomeley
Southern Region
Clarence City Council
Phone: 6217 9500

 Alderman Brendan Blomeley


Secretariat Contact details

Chief Executive Officer
Dion Lester
Email: dion.lester@lgat.tas.gov.au

Policy Director

Strategic Communications Director
Kate Hiscock
Email: kate.hiscock@lgat.tas.gov.au

Policy Consultant
Deborah Leisser
Email: deborah.leisser@lgat.tas.gov.au

Senior Policy Officer
Georgia Palmer
Email: georgia.palmer@lgat.tas.gov.au

Senior Policy Officer
Michael Edrich
Email: michael.edrich@lgat.tas.gov.au

Senior Policy Officer
Lynden Leppard
Email: lynden.leppard@lgat.tas.gov.au

Senior Project Officer
Katelyn Cragg
Email: katelyn.cragg@lgat.tas.gov.au

Events and Partnerships Lead
Miriam Rule
Email: miriam.rule@lgat.tas.gov.au

Executive Assistant
Christine Agostinelli
Email: christine.agostinelli@lgat.tas.gov.au

Administration Officer
Michelle Freeman
Email: michelle.freeman@lgat.tas.gov.au

Administration Officer
Email: reception@lgat.tas.gov.au