Key Findings

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LGAT 2019 Community Satisfaction Survey

LGAT’s Community Satisfaction Survey is undertaken every four years to explore community satisfaction with the performance of Local Government. Consistent methodology is applied to allow comparison over time. In 2019, primary research of 1,200 residents drawn proportionally from across Tasmania was conducted. A summary report on the 2019 LGAT Community Satisfaction Survey results can be found here

Key Findings

Surveys were conducted as telephone interviews of randomly selected residents across Tasmania during the early months of 2019 to measure community satisfaction with Tasmanian Councils’ overall performance, as well as with a range of council provided services and facilities. Key findings include:

  • Community satisfaction with Council’s overall performance has remained stable since 2009, with respondent’s rating Local Government’s performance as ‘good’;
  • The most common thing respondents nominated as the best thing about their local Council related to their Council being responsive, proactive, engaged, accessible, and consultative. Other aspects included cleanliness of the local area, parks, gardens and open spaces, library services, communication, and efficient, reliable or good services;
  • The performance of Local Government in Tasmania in relation to governance, accountability, and leadership has improved significantly between 2015 and 2019, with respondent’s rating these aspects of performance as ‘good’;
  • The service that respondents rated as the most important (i.e. regular garbage collection), was also the service with the highest level of satisfaction;
    • Other services and facilities that received "excellent” levels of satisfaction were museums, galleries, and public art, community events and festivals, parks, gardens, and playgrounds, and regular/green waste recycling;
    • Other services and facilities with the highest levels of importance were drains, stormwater maintenance, and repairs, the maintenance and cleaning of public areas, emergency and disaster management, and the provision and maintenance of footpaths/pedestrian areas; and
  • Consistent with the increasing satisfaction with Council’s governance and leadership performance, more respondents considered that the image of Local Government had improved in the last four years, than considered that it had deteriorated.