Development Requirements - Tasmanian Municipal Standards

The Tasmanian Municipal Standards (TMS) consists of three related documents that set standards for Local Government civil infrastructure and land development projects. The TMS, or components of it, may be referenced by a planning permit or council policy as the development standards required to be achieved for public infrastructure.

For questions about the application of these documents to your project, please contact your council engineers in the first instance.

TMS Specifications and Drawings

Tasmanian Municipal Standard - Specifications (May 2020)
Tasmanian Municipal Standard - Drawings (May 2020) - Current
Tasmanian Standard Drawings (Nov 2013) (8119 kb) - Superseded

Tasmanian Subdivision Guidelines

These guidelines provide information on the minimum standards required by participating Tasmanian Councils for the design and construction of roads and utilities as per the relevant statutory requirements (including Drains Act 1954 and Local Government Act Highways 1982). Additionally this document outlines the process to be followed during the construction of civil works; audit inspections, practical completion of works, defects liability period and final take-over of the roads and civil works. 

It is intended that the Guideines be used by consultants, developers and construction contractors as well as Council professionals.  Subdivision Guidelines Oct 2013(1123 kb)

Development Standards of Other Infrastructure Authorities

Other infrastructure providers and authorities have their own development requirements. Please liaise directly with those authorities and refer to the resources provided on their websites, for example: