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LGAT Procurement helps Tasmanian councils undertake best practice procurement and deliver value for money for their communities by leveraging the combined purchasing power of councils around the country whilst buying locally.
Save time, save money, reduce risk by accessing contracts managed by procurement experts.

About LGAT Procurement.

LGAT Procurement offers councils in Tasmania access to a range of goods and services panels where suppliers are prequalified after participating in a tender process. Details of the panels are available on Vendor Panel. Access to Vendor Panel is provided to councils by LGAT on request as a free member service.

For some panels, an RFQ through Vendor Panel is required (the system allows you to quickly and easily raise, evaluate and award quotes online). For others, Vendor Panel is simply a portal where councils can see information on the contract, have access to compliance information, supplier details and contacts and order direct from supplier – quoting contract details.

What are the benefits for Local Government?

User Friendly and Efficient
Vendor Panel is a simple, easy to use tool designed for use by individuals with a broad range of skills and technical backgrounds.  The tool prompts users at each step and describes the information that needs to be entered.
Access to Preferred Suppliers
All LGAT Preferred Suppliers are available on Vendor Panel. The tool provides Local Government staff direct access to all Preferred Suppliers, including being able to view company profiles, insurances, pricing and contact details. Relevant contract information such as Price Schedules, Contract Summaries and Conditions of Contract are also available within Vendor Panel.
Vendor Panel facilitates absolute transparency in all purchasing decisions, as each stage of the process is recorded, easily auditable and can be converted to hard copy reports if required.

Using Vendor Panel ensures Local Government compliance requirements are met. Compliance is achieved by accessing Preferred Suppliers, being able to capture all decisions and the ability to provide detailed reports about vendors, buyers and goods or services categories.

Training Provided
provides access to user support via telephone and email, in addition to online videos and FAQs available in Vendor Panel.

What are the benefits for Suppliers?

  • Increased number of quotation opportunities and visibility
  • Streamlined and simplified quotation response process
  • Streamlined compliance and performance monitoring
  • The ability to monitor all Local Government quotations together in one secure web-based application 24/7 from any location

To arrange access to Vendor Panel and the contracts available to Tasmanian councils, please fill in the contract access form and return to

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