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BODC One night Stand

Break O'Day Council - One Night Stand

Break ‘O’ Day Council hosted the triple j One Night Stand; putting on the event just 12 weeks after St Helens being announced as the winning location and attracting 30,000 people. View Story.

Huon Valley BCBC

Huon Valley Council - Getting the Foundations Right for Planning Success

Connecting people, place and knowledge and building on community strengths are key to the Huon Valley Council’s successful approach to working towards “wellbeing for all” in the Huon Valley Health and Wellbeing Strategy.  View Story

City of Hobart - leading the war on waste

City of Hobart - Leading the Way on Reducing Waste

City of Hobart is taking the lead to reduce waste generated by single use plastics following inaction from State and Federal Governments. Hobart willl be the first capital city in the nation to ban single-use plastic take away containers. View story.

BCBC Electronic Playground

Northern Midlands Council - Longford Village Green Electronic Playground

The Northern Midlands has a playground worth a visit! First of its kind in Tasmania, Longford Village Green has a state-of-the-art electronic playground combining the joys of outdoor play with the immersion of gaming. View story.

 LCC Flood Marker 1

City of Launceston - Supporting and Building a more Resilient Community

The City of Launceston has implemented a suite of projects to assist in building understanding of risk and supporting individuals with information so they can take personal action to better prepare for flood.  View story

 BCBC Charlton Street Snug

Kingborough Council - Turning Recycling into Road

Kingborough Council is the first Council in Tasmania to construct a road using waste diverted from landfill. View Story.

Central Coast

Central Coast Council - Dealing with Dementia

Central Coast Council has created a Dementia Friendly Central Coast Framework to strategically analyse the impacts of dementia and to plan actions that could be taken to create a dementia friendly community. View Story

Blue Derby MTB Trail

Break O'Day and Dorset Councils - Blue Derby MTB Trail

Regionals towns face some huge economic obstacles, see how Dorset and Break O'Day councils have performed an economic miracle in Derby and beyond. View Story

WEst Tamar and Flinders Figure 2

West Tamar Council and Flinders Council - Resource Sharing

Councils are expected to provide the same level of services, regardless of budget, see how West Tamar and Flinders Councils are resource sharing to economically deliver development assessment service to communities in remote locations.  View Story


City of Hobart - Energy Efficient Doone Kennedy Aquatic Centre

Have you ever thought how much energy it takes to heat an Olympic sized pool in a swimming centre and what it costs?  View Story

Figure 1 Northern Lights

Northern Lights - Energy Efficient Lighting

Rising power costs are hitting us all hard, see how Tasmania’s northern councils are working together to reduce their communities street lighting bill.  View Story


Waratah Wynyard Council - Community Board

The ‘Sustainable Murchison 2040 Community Plan’ – describes the connection of smaller and remote communities, like Waratah, to various nodes and service centres, is a vital part of regional planning. View Story

DCC Figure 1

Devonport City Council - Festival of Learning 

A comprehensive program of activities was put together to demonstrate the wide variety of learning opportunities available in Devonport - in a hands on way. View Story


Clarence City Council - Accessible and inclusive play spaces for everyone

Clarence City Council is leading the way in developing major play parks that cater for a range of community groups, ages and abilities. View Story

 in the clouds

Brighton Council - Head In The Clouds

Brighton Council recently ditched its computer servers and moved all their electronic data to Microsoft’s Azure ‘cloud’ platform. Things like rates, financials, asset management and GIS mapping are now all cloud based.  View Story.