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Role of Mayors and Deputy Mayors

(1)  The functions of a mayor are -

(aa)to act as a leader of the community of the municipal area; and

(a)   to act as chairperson of the council; and

(b)   to act as the spokesperson of the council; and

(ba)to liaise with the general manager on the activities of the council and the performance of its functions and exercise of its powers: and

(c)   to oversee the councillors in the performance of their functions and in the exercise of their powers.

(1A)  The mayor or deputy mayor is to represent accurately the policies and decisions of the council in performing the functions of mayor or deputy mayor

 (2)  The deputy mayor is to act in the position of mayor and exercise the powers and perform the functions of mayor if -

(a)   the mayor is absent; and

(b)   the mayor or the council, by notice is writing, appoints  the deputy mayor to act in the position.

 (2A) The mayor, by notice in writing, may delegate for a specified period -

(a)   the function referred to in subsection (1)(b) to the deputy mayor, a councillor or the general manager; and

(b)   any other power or function of the mayor, other than the function referred to in subsection (1)(a), to the deputy mayor.

(3)  An appointment under subsection (2) remains in force -

(a)  for the period specified in the notice; or

(b)  until sooner revoked.

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