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Role of General Manager

(1)   A Council is to appoint a person as general manager of the council for a term not exceeding 5 years on terms and conditions it considers appropriate.

(2)   An appointment under subsection (1) is not to be extended or renewed so as to exceed 5 years in total unless the council has reviewed its terms and conditions.

(3)   When a vacancy for the position of general manager occurs or is about to occur, a council is to notify the vacancy, and may invite applications for the position, in a daily newspaper circulating in the municipal area.

(4)   Not later than 6 months before the expiry of the general manager's appointment, a council may resolve to reappoint the general manager without seeking applications for the position.

(5)   A reappointment under subsection (4) is to be treated as if it were an appointment under subsection (1).

(6)   The mayor may appoint a person as acting general manager until -

(a)  the appointment of that person as general manager is confirmed at the next council meeting; or

(b)  the council appoints another acting general manager.

Functions and powers of general manager

(1)   The  general manager has the following functions:

(a)  to implement the policies, plans and programs of the council;

(b)  to implement the decisions of the council;

(c)   to be responsible for the day-to-day operations and affairs of the council;

(d)   to provide advice and reports to the council on the exercise and performance of its powers and functions and any other matter requested by the council;

(e)   to assist the council in the preparation of the strategic plan, annual plan, annual report and assessment of the council's performance against the plans;

(f)    to coordinate proposals for the development of objectives, policies and programs for the consideration of the council;

(g)   to liase with the mayor on the affairs of the council and the performance of its functions;

(h)   to manage the resources and assets of the council;

(i)    to perform any other function the council decides.

(2)   The general manager may do anything necessary or convenient to perform his or her functions under this or any other Act.

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