Sustainable Council Event Policies

Councils that have policies on waste reduction and resource recovery at public events are more likely to meet their community’s environmental expectations and to reduce the overall impact of events on the environment. These policies may exist within a broader waste management plan or may standalone. Topics that are typically covered include waste infrastructure and signage, promotional material and decorations, the prohibition of single use plastics, and procurement practices. Some event-specific waste minimisation policies are provided below:

Kingborough Council: Waste Wise Events Policy

City of Fremantle: Sustainable Events Policy 

Northern Beaches: Waste Minimisation for Functions and Events 

Several councils have implemented a statement of commitment in addition to their sustainable event policies. The purpose of this statement is to provide a clear message to your stakeholders about what you stand for and expect during the course of an event. Some examples include:

City of Hobart: Commitment Statement

City of Melbourne: Environmental Policy or Commitment Statement