Protocol for Inter-Council Emergency Management Resource Sharing

The need for a resource sharing protocol for emergency response and recovery for Tasmanian Councils was identified in 2012 and was subsequently developed and supported in November 2012. To ensure relevancy of the protocol a review was undertaken in 2018 and councils were asked to recommit to the protocol.

The intention of the Protocol is to have an agreed position between councils regarding the provision of council resources (human, equipment and facilities) to assist other councils with response and recovery tasks during emergencies. 

The protocol provides clarity regarding the operational, insurance, OH&S and reimbursement issues that may arise through resource sharing arrangements. 

Council adoption of the protocol is voluntary.  It is not intended to inhibit or diminish the effectiveness of any existing inter-council resource sharing arrangements. Councils can opt in or out of the protocol arrangements at any time by notification in writing.

Protocol for Inter-Council Emergency Management Resource Sharing- December 2018

MAV Resource Sharing Letter 2018


The following councils have committed to the protocol.

Burnie City Council

City of Hobart

Northern Midlands Council

Devonport City Council

Meander Valley Council

Brighton Council

City of Launceston

Circular Head Council

Central Highlands Council

Dorset Council

West Tamar Council

Tasman Council

Kentish Council

Latrobe Council