Local Government Sustainability

Financial and Asset Reform Project

Local Government is committed to the long term management of assets and services in a sustainable way and at a level acceptable to the community without unplanned rate rises or disruptive cuts.

The Local Government Financial and Asset Reform Project managed by the LGAT and funded by the Australian Government, supported Tasmanian Councils in developing and implementing long term financial and asset management planning.  Phase 1 of the project was completed in December 2012 and Phase 2 in December 2013.  An Independent Evaluation of the Project emphasised the project was a great success, a fantastic achievement considering the diversity of Tasmanian Councils and the lack of mandatory requirements for long term asset management and financial planning.  The full evaluation report can be read here.

For futher information contact LGAT Policy Director, Dion Lester (03) 62335972.

Sustainability Objectives and Indicators Project

The Sustainability Objectives and Indicators Project was a joint State Government and Local Government project overseen by the Premier’s Local Government Council (PLGC).

At its December 2011 meeting, the Council agreed to a set of indicators to be used to measure Local Government performance in the following areas:

  • financial management ;
  • asset management;
  • land-use planning; and
  • community satisfaction.

These indicators will become mandatory reporting factors under a financial sustainability legislation framework currently being developed  by the State.

A detailed summary of the indicators and further information on the background to the project can befound on the Local Government Division’s website  http://www.dpac.tas.gov.au/divisions/local_government/measuring_sustainability#