Arts and Cultural Development

Local Government recognises the importance of arts and cultural development in Tasmanian communities and will work in collaboration with State and Federal Governments to provide facilities as well as the implementation of planning and policy frameworks, which address the needs and aspirations of local communities.

The LGAT is involved with arts and cultural development activities and discussion on an issues and priorities related basis.  The LGAT currently sits as a member of the National Local Government Cultural Forum.

National Local Government Cultural Forum

The National Local Government Cultural Forum is a partnership between the Australian Local Government Association, Cultural Development Network, Global Cities Research Institute at RMIT University, and the Australia Council.  The forum is chaired by Penny Hutchinson and members include representatives from the seven state and territory Local Government Associations and the eight Australian capital cities, plus Australian Local Government Association (ALGA), the Australia Council for the Arts - Community Partnerships, the Commonwealth Ministry for the Arts, Global Cities Research Institute (RMIT University) and the Cultural Development Network (CDN).  The LGAT and the City of Hobart both provide a representative to attend Forum meetings, which occur approximately twice a year.

Further details about the forum, including past Communiqués can be found here.