LGAT Procurement helps Tasmanian councils undertake best practice procurement and deliver value for money for their communities by leveraging the combined purchasing power of councils around the country whilst buying locally.
Save time, save money, reduce risk by accessing contracts managed by procurement experts.

About LGAT Procurement.

Procurement Process Diagram
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Code for Tendering and Contracting (Template document)
Under the Local Government Division 2A section 333B A council must adopt a code of tendering and comply with the code.  A model template code is here.

Handbook for Procurement  in Local Government

LGAT Procurement has developed a suite of standard documents (Templates) which provide a useful starting point for councils purchasing goods and services which are not available through the LGAT Procurement panels. When LGAT Procurement panels are used, documents developed specifically for the panels should be used – these are available through Vendor Panel.

The standard documents (Templates) available here have been developed with council’s interests in mind, however individual councils should use discretion in their use and adapt the documents as they see fit.

The Handbook for Procurement in Local Government (below) lists the Templates available to councils and provides guidance on their use. The Handbook also provides an introduction to LGAT Procurement, including the procurement process and legislative context.

Procurement  Handbook