About LGAT Procurement

LGAT Procurement helps Tasmanian councils undertake best practice procurement and deliver value for money for their communities by leveraging the combined purchasing power of councils around the country whilst buying locally.
Save time, save money, reduce risk by accessing contracts managed by procurement experts.

About LGAT Procurement.

Procurement processes can be costly and complex and includes significant risks. When not properly managed and resourced it can lead to poor outcomes, wasted money, damaged reputation, non compliance and legal liability – a detrimental impact on Tasmanian Councils and their communities.

LGAT procurement is here to provide best practice for Council procurement purchases. LGAT has established contracts for the supply of a wide range of goods and services specially to meet council needs

LGAT procurement, is a member of the National Procurement Network and has developed partnerships with Local Buy in Queensland and the Municipal Association in Victoria to provide panel arrangements to Tasmanian Councils.

When a council chooses to use an LGAT Procurement contract, it removes the necessity to approach the wider market. This is because LGAT Procurement, in collaboration with its interstate counterparts, has already undertaken a rigorous open tender process that satisfies probity requirements (with particular reference to the Local Government Act) and achieves best value for councils.

Why use LGAT procurement?

There are a range of benefits in choosing LGAT procurement. These are outlined in the introductory video and below:


  • Through fast and easy access to a range of established contracts for goods and services, designed specifically to meet the needs of councils
  • By using a simple online quotation process for your specific requirements
  • By avoiding the need to deal with contractual concerns, with contracts management by LGAT procurement and its partner associations
  • Through access to model policies, guidelines and contracts that have undergone a rigorous panel process


Councils throughout Tasmania have saved millions of dollars through LGAT Procurement contacts. You can save money through:

  • Leveraging the combined buying power of the local government sector in Tasmania and other states.
  • All LGAT procurement contacts have undergone an extensive tendering process.  This removes the need for Individual tenders by councils heavily reducing council administration and tendering cost such as advertising, sourcing, evaluation and probity of tenders.
  • Access expert support and assistance - LGAT Procurement and its partners have in house support to provide you with any assistance you might need throughout this process.


  • All Contracts are developed and managed by procurement specialists for the life of that contract.
  • The process is fair and transparent – so you can ensure probity and minimise risk
  • Ensure compliance with the Local Government Act (1993) section 333A and the Local Government (General) Regulations 2015 Part 3. This includes meeting all ethical requirements.
  • Social and ethical procurement practices are embedded within the process.

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