MAV Insurance is the Local Government mutual liability self insurance scheme, set up to provide liability insurance to Victorian and Tasmanian councils (and other Authorities).

The scheme commenced operations on 30 September 1993. Its establishment grew from an unstable situation characterised by a diminishing number of insurers and reinsurers prepared to underwrite Local Government business, premiums which could rise or fall dramatically from year to year and, a cover which was inadequate in times when more and more litigation was being initiated.

In 1993, amendments were made to the Municipal Association Act 1907 directing the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) to establish a self-insurance liability scheme to provide public liability and professional indemnity insurance for the benefit of:

  • the MAV
  • councils
  • any other body constituted by Victoria's Local Government Act, 1989 for public or local governing purposes
  • any other body which the terms and conditions of the insurance scheme provide may be a member of the scheme, including Tasmanian authorities.

MAV Insurance Committee

In establishing the scheme, the MAV also appointed the MAV Insurance Committee which is a committee of management and advisory body to the MAV board on insurance, financial and other matters impacting on the scheme.

While the committee is accountable to the MAV board, it has delegated powers to administer the scheme on behalf of members for each insurance year. The committee operates in accordance with a set of rules approved by the MAV.  Dr Katrena Stephenson (CEO LGAT) and Mr Andrew Paul (General Manager, Clarence City Council) are the Tasmanian representatives on the Committee.


General Insurance

The Association has established a strategic relationship with Jardine Lloyd Thompson Australia (JLTA) in the provision of general insurance for Tasmanian councils.  Providing a range of insurance services and products, JLT is able to offer competitive prices to councils and provide expertise and advice in relation to the specific needs of councils.  For further information visit their website at


Risk Management

Echelon is the risk management arm of JLTA.  Fraud awareness and business continuity plans are among the extensive range of risk services that Echelon can provide to Tasmanian councils.  Echelon services are delivered by consultants who know the business and environment in which councils operate.  This experience is invaluable when providing general services and in tailoring training programs or scoping specific projects to address council needs.


Community Insurance

Insurance often presents a challenge for community groups with councils and elected members often called upon to assist.  The Local Community insurance site is an excellent resource for council staff and elected members to which to refer not-for-profit community groups so they can access and secure their own insurance cover.


Crime Insurance Questionnaire