Strategies and Plans

LGAT Strategic Plan

The LGAT Strategic Plan is devised by the Association's General Management Committee in conjunction with the CEO and Secretariat.  The Strategic Plan outlines the broad direction for the Association until 2021.  We identify key priorities under the umbrella for the Stategic Plan annually.

The current Strategic Plan identifies priority work areas that are complemented by our day to day advocacy and services and can be found here.

To assist the GMC in their Strategic planning deliberations, LGAT staff prepared a context setting document which can be viewed here.

Annual Plans

The LGAT's Annual Plans describe the particular operational activities that the LGAT will undertake over a given 12 month period in order to reflect and further progress the priorities articulated within the relevant Strategic Plan. Annual plans are reviewed by the Secretariat at quarterly intervals to ensure milestones are reached and the Association's schedule of work is progressing appropriately.

2020-2021 Annual Work Plan

2019-2020 Annual Work Plan

2018-2019 Annual Work Plan

2017-2018 Annual Work Plan