About Us and Strategic Priorities

About Us

The Local Government Association of Tasmania (LGAT) is Tasmania’s peak body for Local Government representing all 29 Tasmanian councils. LGAT works to protect the interests and rights of councils, to promote the efficient operation of Local Government, to foster strategic and collaborative relationships and to promote the positive role Tasmanian councils play in our communities.

Our work frequently involves advocacy and engagement with State and Federal Governments on legislative and policy issues impacting and managed by councils as well as promoting the positive work councils deliver for their communities. LGAT also supports and develops Members through professional development, events and training opportunities.

General Management Committee

The General Management Committee (GMC) of eight Members provides oversight to LGAT operations. The GMC is elected by LGAT Members every two years. It comprises the popularly elected President, the Lord Mayor and six other Members elected by regional groupings of councils. The Vice President is elected by the GMC.

Mayor Christina Holmdahl President from July 2019 Elected to GMC July 2015

Mayor Ben Shaw Southern Region Elected July 2019 Vice President from July 2019

Mayor Daryl Quilliam West - North West Region Re-Elected July 2019 Elected to GMC July 2012

Mayor Annette Rockliff West - North West Region Elected to GMC July 2019

Councillor Geoff Lyons Northern Region Elected to GMC July 2019

Mayor Mick Tucker Northern Region Re-elected Jul 2019 Elected to GMC Jul 2017

Alderman Brendan Blomeley Southern Region Elected to GMC July 2019

Lord Mayor Anna Reynolds As of Right Position Commenced July 2019

LGAT Strategic Priorities

The Strategic Plan 2017-2021 provides the overview for the direction for LGAT for this planning period, it forms the basis on which this work plan is developed.

The Strategic Plan contains five key focus areas for the 2017 to 2021 period, they are:

  • Facilitating change across Local Government;
  • Building Local Government’s reputation;
  • Fostering collaboration;
  • Promoting financial sustainability; and
  • Underpinning Local Government capacity and capability to deliver.

Annual Priorities for 2019-2020

  1. Lead the waste management reform agenda
  2. Deliver the 21st Century Project
  3. Support councils in implementing the planning reform agenda
  4. Continue to expand the procurement program
  5. Support councils’ health and wellbeing outcomes through the Health & Wellbeing Project
  6. Support the sector through the next stages of Local Government legislative reform
  7. Deliver equitable rating outcomes through securing legislative amendments
  8. Work with councils and stakeholders to address workforce capacity gaps.

More detail can be found in the LGAT Annual Plan