LG Tas

LG Tas tells the stories of the many ways Tasmanian councils are working with and supporting their local communities.

LG Tas is distributed to all our Members and extensively throughout the Local Government sector and to our stakeholders.

Current Edition June 2020 LG Tas

The special edition of LG Tas highlights the many ways in which councils have remained connected with their communities and supported their communities through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Look of for interviews with LGAT President Mayor Christina Holmdahl, Mayor Doug Chipman and Mayor Mick Tucker who discuss the challenges facing their communities during the pandemic but also, the positive outcomes that have emerged.

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LGAT News was LGAT’s Tasmanian Local Government sector magazine until September 2016 but has subsequently been replaced with LG Tas.  Published editions from the past five years of LGAT News are available below.

Submitting A Story

Do you have a suggestion for a council story in LGTas? Please email LGAT’s Strategic Communications Director, Kate Hiscock  kate.hiscock@lgat.tas.gov.au to discuss.