Annual Awards for Excellence

Tasmanian Local Government Awards for Excellence  - Sponsored by MAV Insurance 

The annual Local Government Awards for Excellence, sponsored by MAV Insurance, aim to promote outstanding achievement and  inspire leading management practice and continuous improvement among Tasmanian councils.  The awards are presented for initiatives that have, or are delivering positive benefits for Tasmanian communities.

The Awards for Excellence recognize and reward councils for their hard work benefiting local communities. The Awards celebrate and raise awareness of successful Local Government projects and promote networks and collaboration between Local Government organisations.

2019 Local Government Award for Excellence (Smaller Councils, Population less than 15,000) - Winner

LGAT congratulates Break O Day Council on winning the 2019 Local Government Award for Excellence (Smaller Councils) for their entry: One Night Stand

Break O Day Awards for excellence

Break O Day One Night Stand









In 2018 Break O Day Council delivered Tasmania’s first Triple J One Night Stand just 12 weeks after St Helens was announced as the wining location. While Council were advised to expect about 6000 people to attend, on the day the St Helens One Night Stand attracted around 30,000 making it the biggest triple J One Night Stand in history!

In a bold move for a small community, Council recognised that hosting the event aligned with Council’s long-term strategic goals:  to strengthen the sense of community and lifestyle through opportunities for people to connect and feel valued and to foster innovation and develop vibrant and growing local economies.

The event provided numerous opportunities and benefits for the local community including fundraising for not-for-profit community groups, increased spend for local businesses through increased visitation, media exposure raising the area’s tourism profile and an event for youth in the area (and the whole state).

The impact of the 2018 One Night Stand was as much cultural as it was economic.  It gave local business community the opportunity to step outside their comfort zone and do something different. The event attracted significant state and national media coverage. Painting the town orange for the 2018 Triple J One Night Standard resulted in a huge sense of local pride and confidence for the Break O Day community.


2019 Local Government Award for Excellence (Larger Councils, Population more than 15,000) - Winner

LGAT congratulates Central Coast Council on winning the 2019 Local Government Award for Excellence (Larger Councils) for their entry: Dementia Friendly Central Coast

Dementia Friendly CC Awards for Ex

 Central Coast Award for Excellence 2019









Central Coast Council made history with its “Dementia-Friendly Central Coast Framework”, the first of its kind to be adopted by a Tasmanian council. The Framework provides a roadmap to achieve the vision of creating a dementia friendly Central Coast. The Framework also provides a practical toolkit of initiatives, based on global case studies, to meet local priorities.

Recognising that the number of local residents with dementia is predicted to rise, Council set out help those people in their community who are living with dementia and ensure they enjoy a high quality of life with meaning, purpose and value. Council also recognised that dementia has broad social impacts beyond those experienced by the individual. Central Coast Council adopted a whole of community approach so that the Dementia-Friendly Framework was driven by local concerns, aspirations and actions identified themes for change were developed based on local priorities.

One successful initiative of the Framework has been pop-up “Connect Cafés”, run by community volunteers. The pop up Connect Cafés provide a community café space with an encouraging environment for people living with dementia, carers and the broader community to socialise.  A series of 40 weekly Connect Cafes held over 2018 and 2019, attracting up to 30 attendees per week.

Council also conducted Inclusion Training, targeting local businesses and community groups, to improve knowledge and understanding of dementia and also reduce the stigma and social isolation associated with dementia. Increased dementia knowledge in training participants, strong attendance and positive feedback about the Connect Cafés as well healthy volunteer numbers show that the Central Coast community is well on its ay becoming dementia friendly.

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