Council Services / Community

Sports & Parks


Whose job is parks and reserves?

Councils build and look after nearly all public parks and gardens, public places and landscaping in your community - creating a beautiful environment, providing places for family and friends to meet, for kids to play and tourists to enjoy.  

Councils control development in city areas, so that some ‘green space’ is preserved in parks and playgrounds.  Without councils, it is unlikely there would be any green spaces left in some cities! 

Many councils also manage bush reserves, and build and manage walking tracks and mountain bike trails, working with parks and wildlife and other stakeholders.  Bushland reserves help preserve the habitats of our native animals and plants, as well as providing recreation, tourism, fitness and sporting opportunities for our communities.  Councils build and look after scenic look outs, picnic grounds, public barbeques, and rest stops and public toilets as well. 

The exact choice of parks and other services a council provides depends on the what the specific community needs are, along with the budget the community can afford. 


Whose job is sports?

Councils provide the majority of public sports infrastructure in your community

Councils build and maintain various outdoor fields for sports like cricket, netball, hockey or tennis, as well as public swimming pools and importantly also, pool life guards.  Some councils also build skate parks.  

Councils may build and look after, indoor sports centers for basketball or badminton for example.  Councils also sometimes create and run gymnasiums, complete with fitness classes and instructors.  


Who pays?

The exact choice of sports services a council provides depends on what the specific community needs are along with the budget the community can afford.  A council will look at the gaps in community services due to the inability of governments, business and other groups to provide those services.