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Emergency Services


Whose job is emergency management?

Councils work with the State Government, emergency services and other stakeholders, planning and preparing for disasters that may hit Tasmania.  Potential disasters include storms, floods, fires, dangerous chemical spills, infectious disease outbreaks, terrorist attacks or earthquake. 

When disasters occur, councils will use their staff, heavy equipment, waste management, communication and other services, to help communities react and recover fast.

Councils actually help prevent disasters - every day.  For example, councils have created storm water drainage systems, to remove water to prevent flooding.  Also, councils control building on land that may be subject to disasters, for example land that is likely to flood or undergo landslip. 


Who pays for emergency management?

Councils cover the cost of their emergency management planning and response work from rates charged on property owners.  Councils also collect the Fire Service Rate, which is then given to the Tasmania Fire Service to pay for their operations.