Council Services / Community

Arts & Events


What role do councils play in events and culture?

Councils may build and manage facilities and provide services to bring cultural experiences and events to their community.  Some councils own and run art galleries like the Moonah Arts Centre in Glenorchy, and museums like the History and Tourism Information Centre in St Helens, or the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery in Launceston. 

Councils provide or assist with the provision of community markets, festivals and events in nearly every corner of Tasmania.  Examples include ‘Salamanca Market’ in Hobart, and various festivals for food and music like ‘Festivale’ in Launceston and ‘The Taste of Tasmania’ in Hobart.   

Councils may also support cultural events, like musical performances, street performers and dance through small grants, artist fees for events and other opportunities for creative work.  And councils may partner with other organisations to help run other events and services.  


Who pays for events and culture?

A council will look at the gaps in community services due to the inability of governments, business and other groups to provide those services.  The exact choice of services a council provides depend on the what the specific community needs are, along with budget the community can afford.