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Climate Change



Local Government plays an important role in greenhouse gas mitigation and identification and implementation of strategies to adapt to climate change.   The Local Government Association of Tasmania's General Management Committee, has developed the following Guiding Principles on Climate Change for Local Government.

  • Combining mitigation and adaptation strategies at all levels of government and industry.
  • Commitment to long-term and strategic consideration of climate change across Local Government functions.
  • Leadership within the local community in understanding and acting on climate change.
  • Flexibility and resilience within Local Government processes to adapt to climate change impacts upon human and natural environments.
  • Recognition of shared responsibility and collaboration across all levels of government, industry and community.



TASMARC Project Extension

 The TASMARC Project is an initiative of Dr John Hunter of the Antarctic Climate &Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre (ACE CRC) and other scientists from the University of Tasmania, and has been running on selected beaches around Tasmania since 2005 to redress a serious lack of knowledge about the effect of sea level rise and storms on vulnerable coastlines.  The Local Government Association of Tasmania recently secured funding from the Tasmanian Climate Change Office through the ClimateConnect Grants Program to extend the TASMARC Project.  Find out more about the TASMARC Project.

Tasmanian Coastal Adaption Decision Pathways Project

The Tasmanian Coastal Adaption Decision Pathways (TCAP) project aims to significantly improve the ability of Tasmanian communities and decision-makers to adapt to climate change.  Find out more about the TCAP project.

Tasmanian Council Climate Change Case Studies

The Climate Change Case Studies showcase some of the excellent work Tasmanian Councils are doing to mitigate against and adapt to climate change. Find out more about the case studies.

LGAT Climate Change Adaption Forum

LGAT hosted Climate Change Adaption forums for council officers and elected members in early 2010.  Find out more about the forums.

Climate Asyst

LGAT, a number of Tasmanian local councils and the  State Government  have provided funding to to Pitt and Sherry to develop a Climate Susceptibility, Analysis and Communication tool.  The tool (ClimateAsyst) aims to assists owners, managers and planners to use customised, cutting edge future climate projections to assess the susceptibility of their infrastructure to projected changes in climate at a local scale.  For more information refer to ClimateAsyst.

 State and Local Government – Working Together

As integral players in assisting Tasmanian communities adapt to climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Tasmanian Government and Local Government are collaborating on a number of climate change initiatives.  For more information refer to this Information Sheet.

Useful Links

Local Government Area Climate Profiles
The Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre has developed climate profiles for each municipal area in Tasmania, providing information on past and current climate, and changes in future temperature, rainfall and runoff, extreme events and other impacts.  Local level climate information will help councils, resource managers and businesses understand the expected climate changes to their local area and will help them to adapt to these changes.  For further information and to download individual council profiles, refer the to the Tasmanian Climate Change Office website.

Climate Futures for Tasmania - ACE CRC
The Climate Futures for Tasmania research project is unique to Australia and was designed to understand and integrate the impacts of climate change on Tasmania's weather, water catchments, and agriculture and climate extremes.  For more information refer to Climate futures

National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility Local Government Portal
A web portal has been developed by NCCARF for Local Government as a tool to assist with planning around climate change adaptation. The website provides the latest available information as well as forums for discussion.  For more information refer to Local Government Adaptation Portal

 Tasmanian Climate Change office
The Earn your stars website has a plethora of information on it in relation to climate change.  This includes the latest news,  grant rounds, tips and tools and resources.  It is likely that it will have some local government specific resources in the near future.  For more information refer to  earnyourstars

Local Government Shires Association Climate Change Action Pack
The Climate Change Action Pack is intended to support councils in addressing the significant challenge climate change presents. The site includes resources such as a workshop package to assist councils to prepare and develop climate change action plans; resources and information on how to address climate change; and best practice examples of climate change mitigation and adaptation projects.  For further information refer to Climate change action pack

Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency
The Federal Government Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency website includes a number of Local Government specific climate change toolkits and includes all of the latest climate change policy documents.  For more information refer to

Other Climate Change Information
For 2009 Climate Change information click here.
For 2008 Climate Change information click here.



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