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LGAT supports councils in their pursuit to provide quality training to their staff.  On-going staff training leads to efficient and sustainable organisations, and contributes to an efficient and sustainable Local Government sector.  Training motivates staff, and ensures they are able to respond to changes in the sector.  In particular LGAT recognises the need to train new staff, cadets, trainees, work experience students and apprentices. 

Effective training has the following benefits:

To councils:

  • a more productive workforce,
  • a higher quality work,
  • greater commitment from staff,
  • reduced employee turnover, and
  • improved staff motivation and morale

To employees:

  • career development,
  • increases motivation,
  • increases morale, and
  • greater flexibility and response to change

Local Government Webinars

The Local Government Association of NSW and the Shires Association of NSW have joined with CPD Live to provide Local Government focussed webinars with a broad focus (not NSW centric) and offer access to all Local Government Associations.

 For details on future webinars and recorded webinars click here


Upcoming sessions include: 

Change Management: Getting the People Component Right

Mon, 22 July 2:00 PM AEST

Are your people not fully embracing change in an acceptable manner? Find out why! Then discover the key strategies that will help you to help them effectively manage major change, and move from denial or resistance to exploration and commitment to your new council changes.

Motivation Matters

Wed, 28 August 2:00 PM AEST

Motivation does matter! In this interactive and informative webinar we will put motivation under the microscope and examine the latest research on this important topic, and the techniques and tools that may influence motivation levels. Throughout the webinar you will be encouraged to share your ideas and ask questions as we learn from each other and collectively build our motivational muscle!



You can also book to view recordings of past Local Government oriented Webinars including:

  • Handling Difficult People
  • Social Media in Local Government
  • Leadership in Local Government
  • Planning for the Carbon Tax on Local Government
  • How to write winning grant funding applications
  • Engaging you Communities 
  • Managing time and Stress
  • The Leader's Dilemma - Delegation
  • Handling Complaints to Lessen Your Stress
  • Advanced Time Management Skills
  • ELearning: From the Cloud to the Council


Training Plan Template

To assist councils to develop effective training programs for new staff in councils, LGAT has developed the following training plan template.  A training plan is a tool to measure the progress of a trainee against a set of pre-determined competencies.  It is an agreement made between the employer and the employee that ensures both parties are aware of their obligations and each other's expectations throughout the training period.

A properly negotiated training plan will provide a structured approach to the development and attainment of skills, and will:

  • provide an opportunity to select what, how, when and where skills will be achieved
  • provide a measure to assess an apprentice's or trainee's progress
  • assist in managing, planning and mapping work rotation.

Each workplace is different, therefore the training plan must be individually tailored for each person.  The following training plan has been developed in a generic form so that it is easily adaptable to any workplace.

Click here to access the LGAT training plan template.

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