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Role of Councillors

(1)   A councillor, in the capacity of an individual councillor, has the following functions:

(a)  to represent the community;

(b)  to act in the best interests of the community;

(c)  to facilitate communication by the council with the community;

(d)  to participate in the activities of the council;

(e)  to undertake duties and responsibilities as authorised by the council.

(2)   The councillors of a council collectively have the following functions;

(a)  to develop and monitor the implementation of strategic plans and budgets;

(b)  to determine and monitor the application of policies, plans and programs; and

(i)    the efficient and effective provision of services and facilities; and

(ii)  the efficient and effective management of assets; and

(iii)  the fair and equitable treatment of employees of the council;

(c)  to facilitate and encourage the planning and development of the municipal area in the best interests of the community;

(d)  to appoint and monitor the performance of the general manager;

 (e)  to determine and review the council's resource allocation and expenditure activities;

(f)  to monitor the manner in which services are provided by the council.

(3)   In performing any function under this Act or any other Act, a councillor must not -

(a)  direct or attempt to direct an employee of the council in relation to the discharge of the employee's duties; or

(b)  perform any function of the mayor without the approval of the mayor.

(4)   A councillor is to represent accurately the policies and decisions of the Council in performing the functions of councillor.

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