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Reports and Submissions



LGAT Submission - Draft Short Stay Accommodation Bill 2018

LGAT Submission - Burial and Cremation Amendment Bill 2018

LGAT Submission - Consultation Draft of the Building Legislation(Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2018

LGAT Submission - Draft-Environmental Management and Pollution Control (Smoke) Regulations 2018

LGAT Submission - Legilsative Council Select Committee on Short Stay Accommodation

LGAT Submission - Local Government (General) Amendment Regulations 2018

LGAT Submission - Residential Housing Supply Bill 2018

LGAT Submission - Review of Councillor Allowances

LGAT Submission - Major Projects

LGAT Election Priority Statement 2018



LGAT Submission - State Budget Priority Statement 2018-19

LGAT Submission - Discussion Paper Natural Disaster Relief to Government Policy

LGAT Submission - LGAT Waste and Resource Management Strategy

LGAT Submission - Dog Control Amendment Bill 2017 - Amendment to give General Managers a power to review a dangerous dog declaration

LGAT Submission - 2015-2016 Local Government National Report

LGAT Submission - Draft Environmental Management and Pollution Control (Smoke) Regulations 2017

LGAT Submission - Draft Local Government Amendment (Rates) Bill 2017

LGAT Submission - Biosecurity Bill 2017

LGAT Submission - Dog Control Amendment Bill 2017

LGAT Submission - Question on Notice from Public Hearing on Gaming Markets - Feb 2017

LGAT Submission - Gaming Control Act Community Interest Test

LGAT Submission - Consultation on Proposed E-cigarette and Tobacco Laws



LGAT Submission - Flood Review

LGAT Submission - Improve Tasmania's Disaster Preparedness

LGAT Submission - Response to Joint Select Committee on Future Gaming Markets

LGAT Submission - Better Councils, Better Communities: 2017-2018 State Budget Submission

LGAT Submission - Independent Review of Regional Development Australia

LGAT Submission- Draft Tasmanian Transport Access Strategy

LGAT Submission - Review of the Emergency Management Act 2006

LGAT Submission - Review of the Climate Change (State Action) Act 2008

LGAT Submission - Draft Cat Management Plan June 2016

LGAT Submission - Targeted Review of the Local Government Act June 2016

LGAT Submission - Noise Regulations

LGAT Submission - Tasmanian Planning Scheme

LGAT Submission - Tasmania's Draft Climate Change Action Plan

LGAT Submission - Draft Tasmanian Integrated Freight Strategy

LGAT Submission - A Healthy Tasmania- Five Year Strategic Plan



LGAT Submission - Better Councils, Better Communities: 2016-2017 Submission to the Tasmanian State Budget

LGAT Submission - Joint Select Committee on Preventative Health August 2015

LGAT Submission- To Sentate Committee re: Commonwealth Arts Funding July 2015

LGAT Submission - Proposed amendments to Local Government (Meeting Procedures) Regulations May 2015 

LGAT Submission - Review of the Local Government (General Regulations) 2005 May 2015

LGAT Submission - Built Heritage Tourism February 2015

LGAT Submission to the Local Government Road Hierarchy Consultation Paper February 2015

LGAT Submission to the 2015-16 Tasmanian State Budget

LGAT Submission - Review of Tasmanian Economic Regulator 29 Jan 2015



LGAT Submission - Competition Policy Review Nov 2014

LGAT Submission - Tasmanian Electoral Commission

LGAT Submission - Productivity Commission Inquiry into Natural Disaster Funding Arrangements

Submission to the Planning Taskforce - Review of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act

Submission to draft Local Government Amendment (Code of Conduct) Bill 2014

Submission to the review of the Local Government (General Regulations) 2005

Submission in response to the "Reforming Tasmania's Planning System" Position Paper

Review of Liquor Licensing Act 1990 - Proposals Paper

Cannabis Submission

LGAT Submission to 2014 Review of Disability Standards

Local Road Hierarchy- LGAT Submission May 2014(195 kb)

Submission to the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute on Problem Hedges Issues Paper (112kb)

Submission to Department of Economic Development’s Red Tape Working Group – Hospitality Industry (80kb)

Submission to the Commonwealth’s Vet reform Taskforce (59kb)

LGAT Election Manifesto 2014 (1427 kb)

Mobile Blackspot Coverage Programme Discussion Paper (46 kb)

Proposed amendments to the Public Health Act 1997(49 kb)


Animal Welfare Nov 2013 (78 kb)

LGAT response to Tasmanian Alcohol Action Framework Legislative Scoping Study

Land Use Planning and Approvals Amendment (Private Certification) Bill Submission (194 kb)

Review of Urban Drainage Bill 2013 (379 kb)

Planning Directive 4 standards for single and multiple dwellings(222 kb)


Aboriginal Heritage Bill 2012(51 kb)

Constitutional Recognition Submission 2012(94 kb)

Proposed Changes to Local Government Electoral Arrangements(47 kb)

Proposed Draft Planning Directive - Single Dwellings and Multiple Dwellings -Villa Units and Townhouses - in the General Residential Zone(150 kb)

Draft Residential Property Transactions Bill 2012(455 kb)

EMPCA 2012(85 kb)

Historic Heritage Bill 2012(138 kb)

Inquiry into Local Government Elections Feb 2012 Inquiry%20into%20Local%20Government%20Elections%20Feb%202012 (43 kb)

Draft Tasmanian Bushfire Policy Draft%20Tasmanian%20Bushfire%20Policy (307 kb)


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