Local government offers diverse and rewarding job opportunities. More than 4,500 people work for Tasmania's 29 local councils.

Local councils provide the main services that affect our daily lives. From the streets and parks you use to events, facilities and services your community enjoys. Because every local council is different, there are many kinds of jobs. A job in a local council could have you working outdoors, you could spend a lot of your time with members of the community, or you could be part of the team that ensures the council runs smoothly.  Some of the people who work in local councils have university qualifications, some have been through apprenticeships and some have technical skills they've picked up on the job. All are working in an organisation where what you do can really make a difference to local communities.

No matter what skills you have there is a rewarding job in a local government and this website can help you learn more. So if you have just left school, graduated from university or are thinking of a career change, then welcome to Council Careers, because it is definitely worth considering a job in local government. If you already work in local government then you will find useful information about ways to upgrade your skills.