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Issue no. 22 8 December 2016

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 President's Message
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              Welcome to the new Flinders Council General Manager

              Central Coast Mayor Takes Key Role in Driving Cradle Coast Authority Direction

              Mural Tells Timeless Stories of Community

              Research Casts Light on Council Recruitment Challenges

              Tidal Festival – Devonport Council

              Australian Government Response to Infrastructure Australia’s 15 Year Plan

              A joint campaign to stop Arson

              Transforming Hobart

              Asbestos Awareness Health House Checklists Launched

              New Electoral Commissioners Appointed

              New Food Safety Standards Guide Released


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Congratulations to Alex Tay who commenced this week as the new Director of the Local Government Division. 
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President's Message

On the 5th December, the Premier’s Volunteering Awards 2017 were launched by Volunteering Tasmania.  Our communities would be much poorer places without the many amazingly dedicated volunteers and it is terrific that they can receive recognition for the work they do.  We know, from our elected member census that the vast majority of councillors also play a number of volunteering roles in their communities and see the value of those important connections. 

Through LGAT we are also connecting with the volunteering community.  The LGAT CEO, Dr Katrena Stephenson, was a judge for the 2016 Volunteering Awards.  Additionally, this year LGAT entered into an MOU with Volunteering Tasmania to enable the provision of support from volunteers during times of community emergency or disaster.  The MOU affirms a shared recognition of the importance of a strategic and coordinated approach to the safe and inclusive involvement of volunteers in times of community need.   Under the MOU councils are able to activate the innovative CREW system which enables volunteers with certain skills to be matched with the need on the ground.  These volunteers can be used by councils or not for profit organisations to provide the much needed support  to communities during emergencies and the recovery from emergencies.

 The MOU is available at all times on the LGAT extranet and it may be worthwhile for councils to have a look at it now and determine how best to incorporate this information in council policy and procedures for easy access in the event of an emergency.  The LGAT team are happy to provide more information as required. 

 This is the last edition of The Pulse for 2016.  It has been another very busy year for our sector with it looking to be similarly so in 2017.  So, I wish all councillors, staff and stakeholders a safe, relaxing and joyous festive season. I look forward to continuing our work in the New Year.

Mayor Doug Chipman
LGAT President

A Message from the CEO Katrena Stephenson

As it is the last Pulse for the year, with many of us looking forward to enjoying time off from work over Christmas, I thought I would take the opportunity to thank all those inside and outside the Tasmanian Local Government sector who support LGAT in our work.  It has been a busy year for councils, managing the day to day expectations and needs of their communities, on top of responding to a significant reform agenda from the State Government as well as widespread and high impact natural disasters. The year ahead looks to be similarly intense. It highlights the need for community, organisational and personal resilience.

Resilience is described as the capacity to bounce back from adversity - indeed to ‘bounce beyond’ diversity into new opportunities.  Resilient individuals see setbacks as temporary, local and changeable. They can adapt quickly to change, manage pressure and stress and maintain focus.

‘Resilient’ may not be everyone’s natural state of being – but resilience can be learned and developed. 

Sports psychologist Andrew May describes the need for everyone to have an annual recovery plan to ensure you can keep focussed, motivated and energized.  He says that a key component of that recovery plan is one big break or off season each year.  As part of that you need to make sure that time is really ‘off’ work - don’t look at those emails!  Recover and recharge. 

And so it is on that note that I hope you all have some recovery and recharge time over the festive season – whatever form that takes.  I look forward to continuing our work in the New Year.

Dr Katrena Stephenson

News Items 

Welcome to the new Flinders Council General Manager

Following an exhaustive recruitment process over a three-month period Flinders Council Mayor Carol Cox was pleased to announce the unanimous agreement of councillors in the appointment of Bill Boehm to the position of Flinders Council General Manager. Bill comes with extensive experience within general small to medium sized local governments in Victoria and South Australia.  Originally a Local Government Engineer focussing on infrastructure development, planning and building works, Bill has in more recent times performed the dual role of Administrator / Chief Executive Officer in a progressive remote municipality.  There he was responsible for good governance, balancing the dual functions associated with this unique role in managing municipal, water, sewerage and electricity operations.  Significantly he also transformed the organisation and community with a range of excellent facilities and a raft of community economic development actions. Bill has primary qualifications as a civil engineer plus post graduate qualifications in municipal engineering, building surveying, local government management and leadership as a fellow of the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation.   Bill has been awarded a 4-year contract and will formally commence work at Council on 3 January 2017.

Central Coast Mayor Takes Key Role in Driving Cradle Coast Authority Direction

Central Coast Mayor Jan Bonde will take a key role in driving the regional Cradle Coast Authority’s direction and performance. Cr Bonde has taken over from Circular Head Mayor Daryl Quilliam as the member councils’ chief representative at Cradle Coast, with Latrobe Mayor Peter Freshney replacing Cr Bonde as deputy chief representative. The Cradle Coast Authority is the regional voice for North West Tasmania, established by the nine Local Government Councils to represent and advocate the needs of the region.  The representatives group has two representatives from each of the nine member councils and is responsible for the authority’s strategic direction. Cr Bonde said councils had a responsibility to the community to have input into the authority’s direction and she was looking forward to working with the member councils to build a stronger and more vibrant region that supports the growth of the current and future community.

Mural Tells Timeless Stories of Community

Launched by Mayor Robby Walsh, a mural featuring glimpses into the past and present of the Waratah-Wynyard municipality was opened at Wynyard on 30 November 2016.   The mural is a gallery of images blending vivid colour and nostalgic black and white photographs of iconic places and people in the community and is located on the wall of the Woolworths building at Wynyard.  Named ‘Timeless Stories’, the mural celebrates the people and places that have contributed to the Waratah-Wynyard community.  Places featured in the mural include the Waratah Cenotaph at Waratah, Pieman River at Corinna, Philosopher Falls at Waratah and Inglis River at Wynyard.

Research Casts Light on Council Recruitment Challenges

Disagreements between councils and jobseekers on work flexibility and corporatisation – where councils’ see corporatisation as creating flexibility and jobseekers view it as mercenary cost cutting – is part of new research that also reviewed external hiring, skill shortages, legislative impacts and digital strategies.  These six topics make up the first comprehensive research study on trends and challenges for recruitment by Australian councils over the next 5-10 years.  The research, commissioned by CouncilJobs, involved two nationwide surveys involving council HR Managers and jobseekers.  A key finding on workplace flexibility revealed that council HR Managers have a very different view to employees.  For example, 71% of HR Managers believed that moving from full-time to part-time employment was a flexible working arrangement, whilst only 29% of council job seekers felt the same way.  The research also showed that flexible work will be in more demand, particularly from women, and supply needs to match.  Another major finding was the need for a national approach to skills shortages, with research showing there were too few good candidates available, particularly in the areas of engineering, health and planning.  Hiring from outside council ranks is a continuing trend, particularly in finance and corporate services, although smaller, regional councils may find this difficult to achieve.  The research also confirmed that recruitment methods have well and truly shifted from print to online and councils will need to think harder about their digital strategies and better promote their brand to attract quality staff.  The final report is now available at cost but free to CouncilJobs clients by contacting Tony Miller on 0401 004 004.

Tidal Festival – Devonport Council

Last week Devonport Council released their Summer 2016/2017 Community Events Guide, a 60-page guide of events, activities and things to do in Devonport over summer, many of them free or low cost. Mayor Steve Martin invited members of the public to attend the inaugural Tidal Artisan Street Market which will be held on 9 December between 3-7 pm in Rooke Lane.  The lane will be converted into a vibrant marketplace featuring Tasmanian jewellers, artists and makers.  The Tidal Festival program is available at the Gallery and other locations around town. The six-day festival will run from January 23-29 with events for all ages.


Australian Government Response to Infrastructure Australia’s 15 Year Plan

The Australian Government has committed to five key initiatives in its response to the Infrastructure Australia (IA) 15 Year Plan.  In supporting 69 of the 78 recommendations, the Government has recognised the importance of a greater focus on the planning of infrastructure projects, and that the IA 15 Year Plan will guide key infrastructure policy directions into the future. 

The Australian Government has committed to: 

  • Work with state governments to develop urban rail plans for Australia’s five largest cities and surrounding regions;
  • Progress next steps for heavy vehicle reform with states and territories;
  • Establish a study, led by an eminent Australian, into the potential benefits and impacts of road user charging for light vehicles;
  • Develop a data collection and dissemination plan, to improve the collection of data on freight movements and public transport across different transport modes; and
  • Develop a national freight and supply chain strategy.

Mayor David O’Loughlin, ALGA President, said it was important for governments to work together to address and improve national productivity by removing first and last mile constraints across the national freight network.

“We know almost every freight journey starts and ends on a road built, owned and maintained by Local Government, so first and last mile issues are of particular concern to the sector and we are on board with this plan that aims to address supply chain problems from start to end,” he said.

For more detail on the Australian Government’s response to the Australian Infrastructure Plan, visit

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development’s website.  Alternatively, to see ALGAs response to this initiative see the Media Release on the ALGA website.


A joint campaign to stop Arson Arson

This summer, Crime Stoppers, the Tasmanian Fire Service and the Tasmanian Police have joined forces to help combat the scourge of arson and its devastating effects on Tasmanian Communities.  With over one third (36%) of fires attended by the Tasmanian Fire Service being deliberately lit, arson is a devastating crime that puts firefighters at risk, diverts them from other emergencies and shatters communities.  Arson vigilance is a shared community responsibility, to find out more about the campaign visit the Crime Stoppers website. Remember you can report arson and suspicious activity anonymously to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


Transforming Hobart

The City of Hobart’s 10 year Capital Strategic Plan works program has been approved by the Hobart City Council, setting out the major projects that will be undertaken in the next decade. The Transforming Hobart project aims to improve and modernise the City of Hobart’s roads, paths, buildings, toilets and open spaces. The strategic plan sees investment of $300 million over 10 years into the city with most suburbs benefiting from one or more of the projects. While the schedule is over ten years to allow for better forward planning, the Council will have the option of reviewing it every year.   As the state’s capital and gateway to much of Tasmania, the City of Hobart takes pride in leading this investment and economic growth initiative and trusts that it will benefit the greater region.   For a list of recently completed major projects, visit the Completed Projects page on the Hobart City Council website.


Asbestos Awareness Health House Checklists Launched

In an Australian first, homeowners, renovators and tradies now have step-by-step guidelines to help identify asbestos in domestic properties to prevent Australian’s from being exposed to asbestos fibres. Launched by the Asbestos Education Committee in partnership with the Asbestos Diseases Research Institute and supported by the Heads of Asbestos Coordination Authorities, these vital new resources are available to download from asbestosawareness.com.au.  With 14 Australians dying of asbestos-related diseases (12 from malignant mesothelioma), and another 13 diagnosed with mesothelioma every week, asbestos is one of the greatest health threats to homeowners and tradespeople. Homeowners and Tradies should visit asbestosawareness.com.au to download the Checklists and Fact Sheets before undertaking work on homes because it’s not worth the risk!


New Electoral Commissioners Appointed

Her Excellency Professor the Honourable Kate Warner, AM, Governor of Tasmania has appointed Karen Frost and Mike Blake to the Tasmanian Electoral Commission in accordance with the Electoral Act 2004, each for a term of seven years.  Mr Blake will serve as the new chair of the Commission replacing outgoing Chair (and former LGAT staffer) Liz Gillam who has made a significant contribution to Tasmania’s democratic process in establishing and overseeing the work of the Commission. 

New Food Safety Standards Guide Released

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has released the third edition of Safe Food Australia, a guide to the food safety standards.  The guide is a useful resource for councils that are responsible for enforcing food standards and can also offer guidance to businesses to help them comply with the standards.  This new edition includes updated evidence and information to address current food safety issues and trends as well as providing new guidance for mobile, temporary and home-based vendors.



 Tasmanian Bushfire Mitigation Grants Program

The Third round of funding under the Tasmanian Bushfire Mitigation Grants Program is now open.  Funding for the program is derived from the National Bushfire Mitigation Program, a partnership between the Commonwealth and States and Territories to reduce the impact of bushfires and build a more disaster resilient Australia.  Projects that build community resilience, contribute the reduction of fuel loads through land management strategies, and research that contributes to preparedness and resilience, are encouraged to apply for funding.  Projects are funded on a cost-sharing basis, with the grant contributing up to 50% of the costs.  Applications close on 31 January 2017.  For further information, please visit the SES website

Multicultural Grants Program Now Open

As part of Tasmania’s Population Growth Strategy, the Tasmanian Government created the Multicultural Grants Program aimed at assisting migrants to settle and feel welcome in Tasmania. The Tasmanian Government has allocated $100,000 for the 2017 Multicultural Grants Program to provide funding support for important community projects and activities.  Further information on the Multicultural Grants Program and application forms are available from www.dpac.tas.gov.au.




Conferences, Seminars and Workshops  

Elected Members' Professional Development Weekend Workshop

Elected Members are invited to register to attend LGAT's Elected Members' Professional Development Weekend, to be held at The Old Woolstore in Hobart, from 25-26 February 2017.  Learn how to make your meetings more productive and enjoyable; find out what our towns will look like in five years as a result of the changes to Tasmania's planning system; gain useful skills, tools and strategies to improve the quality of the decisions being made by your Council; and join the discussion about how to make the most of community engagement opportunities with critical stakeholders in your business community.  A networking dinner will be held on 25 February and partners are welcome.  Accommodation bookings at the Old Woolstore are required by 31 January.  Download the Program and Registration Form here.  For enquiries, please call LGAT on (03) 6233 5966. 

Leading Human Resources

Proteus Leadership will be hosting a two-day Leading Human Resources program in Hobart, from 21-22 March 2017.  Participants will be equipped with practical information and the skills and processes required to be a successful leader.  Program topics include: human resource management; recruitment and selection; establishing induction and wellness programs; creating professional development and succession plans; counselling and disciplinary interviews.  To find out more, visit the Proteus Leadership website.


APS 5-6 High Performance & Leadership Workshop

Aimed at APS 5-6 level officers and management, this two-day High Performance & Leadership Workshop will provide an opportunity to advance core skills and explore the emerging leadership capabilities required for effective APS 5-6 level management.  This Leadership Workshop have been scheduled for the 14-15 February 2017 in Canberra.  To ensure a quality, interactive experience for attendee’s participant numbers are strictly capped. To find out more visit the Liquid Learning website.

IvyThe Local Government Association of Tasmania wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.
Our office will close at noon on 23 December and will reopen from 8.30am on 3 January 2017.




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