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Issue no. 18 29 September 2016

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              Northern Economic Stimulus Package Announced

              West Tamar Council Appoints New General Manager

              Calling all Mayors & Councillors! 

              New Councillor for Tasman

              Ground Breaking Research for Tourism in Local Government

              Program for Pregnant and Parenting Teens

              Active Ageing                                                     

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$60 million worth of loans available to northern councils under the State Government's Northern Economic Stimulus Package to bring forward planned infrastructure projects.
Hobart Town Hall is the toast of the town as landmark building celebrates 150 years
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President's Message

Last week, I attended the Australian Local Government Association's (ALGA) Board Meeting.  We had a wide-ranging agenda including: women in Local Government; the impact of ICE on communities; climate change; the future of roads and transport; and Smart Cities.  The meeting also included the opportunity to meet with the new Shadow Minister for Local Government, Mr Stephen Jones MP.  Over the next few editions of The Pulse, I will address some of these issues of national importance to our sector. 

One area of focus for ALGA is continued advocacy on natural disaster funding, with the Commonwealth intending to trial revised payment arrangements.  This move would see up-front payment of funds based on a preliminary assessment of damage.  While this might solve some issues, such as the use of day labour, it might also mean that funding does not match need.  A preliminary assessment might not reveal the full cost of damage (think, for example, of land slip issues arising after the June flooding in Tasmania) and relies on an accurate picture of infrastructure standards and replacement costs prior to any disaster, which simply does not exist across all councils.  This trial program will start on 1 October and will be rolled out over two summers.  We will watch carefully to see if the increased flexibility balances out the high level of funding uncertainty and whether, as anticipated, we see less Commonwealth funding being directed towards the recovery following natural disasters. 

Issues around emergency management are also the theme of the next LGAT Regional Breakfast Series.  Peter Edwards, Coordinator of the Tasmanian Flood Recovery Taskforce will provide insights into the scale and impacts of the June floods, and reflect on learning and challenges to support even better responses for future events.  Chris Anrol, Chief Officer, Tasmania Fire Service will be thinking ahead to the upcoming fire season and how we can focus on prevention rather than recovery.  Details about the forums being held in October and November are available on the LGAT website.

Mayor Doug Chipman
LGAT President

News Items 

Northern Economic Stimulus Package Announced

The Tasmanian State Government has announced a stimulus package to create jobs and boost the Northern economy.  The initiative is part of the Government’s plan to build on the economic momentum in Tasmania and to address the State's two-speed economy, with the South out-performing the North and North West. 

Premier Will Hodgman said the Tasmanian Government has been working with the Commonwealth, Local Government and the business community on ways to accelerate job creating projects in the North and North West.  “These are initiatives which will drive the Northern and North Western economies, and ensure the whole State benefits from Tasmania’s economic recovery,” he said. 

It is anticipated that the Northern Economic Stimulus Package will support in excess of 800 direct and indirect jobs and $100 million in additional State and Local Government infrastructure, as well as $100 million in private sector investment over 2016-17 and 2017-18.  Part of the northern package is up to $60 million worth of loans to councils who bring forward planned projects.  The loans will be interest free for the period of time the project is advanced.  If the trial project is successful, the Government will consider rolling it out across the State.  Click here for details.

Rolf Vos West Tamar Council Appoints New General Manager

After an extensive recruiting process, West Tamar Council has appointed Mr Rolph Vos as General Manager following the retirement of Mr Ian Pearce.  Mr Vos has extensive Local Government experience having commenced employment with West Tamar Council in 1996 as a Building Inspector and becoming a Senior Building Surveyor in 2000.  In 2008, Mr Vos commenced as Development Services Manager and during this time, project managed $19 million for the Windsor Community Precinct and Pavilion construction.  His appointment as General Manager is effective from 1 October.

Calling all Mayors & Councillors!

Garage Sale Trail 2016Australia’s biggest day of garage sales is less than a month away (22 October) and to celebrate, the Garage Sale Trail team are calling on all elected members to get involved in the REUSE conversation on social media.  To get involved: choose something fun to wear from your wardrobe; wear it to a council meeting or community event with the Garage Sale Trail starburst or REUSE Kit; take a photo and share it on Twitter using #garagesaletrail #REUSE, then sit back and watch the conversation happen!  Garage Sale Trail will tweet the really GOOD STUFF.  Could you be crowned the GOOD STUFF King or Queen of the nation?  The councillor or council with the most inventive image/post will win the much sought after GOOD STUFF Award for 2016.  For more information about the Garage Sale Trail and how you can get involved, check out the Guide for Elected Members.  Join the conversation on Twitter at twitter.com/GarageSaleTrail.  Councillors in the South are also invited to take part in a special Garage Sale photo opportunity at 1pm on Friday, 30 September, at 56 High Street, New Norfolk, to show how all the councils are working together to build a more vibrant, sustainable Tasmania.

New Councillor for Tasman

Glenn Skeggs has become the new councillor for Tasman Council following a recount to fill a vacancy left by the resignation of David MacDonald.  Three candidates nominated to contest the recount.  Clr Skeggs will serve on the Council until the 2018 ordinary election.

Ground Breaking Research for Tourism in Local Government

The Australian Regional Tourism Network (ARTN) is seeking the support of local councils across Australia to participate in much needed and long overdue research into Local Government spend on tourism.  The research will highlight the importance and contribution Local Government makes to the visitor economy.  The survey asks questions about expenditure on visitor centres, tourism attractions, marketing and promotion.  Each council will receive an online survey by email invitation and it would be best completed by an individual that is responsible for Council’s tourism activities.  Your Council’s participation in this research will deliver sound and robust data to support policy formation and direction.  An invitation to participate will be sent to all General Managers and Mayors in early October, providing details of how to complete the survey.  For enquiries, please email Greg Binskin Executive Officer ARTN. 

Brave Foundation Program for Pregnant and Parenting Teens

The Brave Foundation, an organisation that assists pregnant and parenting teens access support and education, has an opportunity for your Council to be involved in partnering with their workshop, ’The Journey to Destination Program'.  The program is for pregnant or parenting teens and is workshopped to a small group by a Brave Foundation facilitator.  It aims to help teenage parents be inspired and empowered to finish their education and keep dreaming of a bright and successful future for them and their child.  Bernadette Black, CEO/ Founding Director of Brave Foundation and former Kingborough Councillor, was a 16-year-old mother herself.  Her Year 10 teacher’s words of support were "The journey might be different now but the destination can still be the same," providing the cornerstone of this program.  This program is ideally delivered by a volunteer or council youth worker within the community.  For more information, please contact alli@bravefoundation.org.au, or phone 1800 827 441.

Active Ageing

COTA Tasmania’s Active Ageing community consultation is a chance to let the Tasmanian Government know how we want to grow older in the place we call home.  The Tasmanian Government wants to know what enables us to live the life we hope for, regardless of our age and cultural, social and physical resources.  There are various ways to be involved in the Active Ageing Plan consultation:  fill out an Active Ageing postcard detailing your experiences of ageing; complete the Active Ageing Survey by contacting 6231 3265; or register your interest in joining a focus group discussion in your community.  Find out more here.  For enquiries, contact COTA on 6231 3265, or via email.


Building Safe Communities for Women

Local communities across Australia will share an extra $1.7 million in funding from the Federal Government to develop community projects to build connections and help reduce violence against women and their children.  Each successful project will receive up to $75,000 per year to develop local solutions that meet the individual needs of their community.  Projects could include communicating about violence in relationships, raising awareness about the impacts of violence against women, or building community networks to support women experiencing violence.  More information about the Building Safe Communities for Women grants is available on the Department of Social Services website.

26TEN Grants Now Open

Do you have an idea how to increase literacy and numeracy in your community or workplace?  26TEN grants up to $50,000 are available before 10 March 2017.  More information is available here.  For enquiries, please email Jennifer Dunbabin, or phone (03) 6165 6064.


Conferences, Seminars and Workshops  

Susan LawOrganisational Change and Transformation

Across Australia, the Local Government sector is undergoing reform.  Whatever is driving the change, council leaders face the need to meet growing expectations for services from residents within a shrinking financial envelope.  Much can be learned from the sharing of experiences, models and tools used by others who may be at different points of the change journey.  Council managers and elected representatives are invited to attend a workshop in Launceston on 12 October with Susan Law, who heads LKS Quaero, a consulting company which specialises in organisational change and transformation.  Attendance costs $275 (inc GST).  RSVPs are required by 30 September.  For further details, visit the LGAT website.

Elevate your Directorship Performance

The Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) offer a Company Directors Course, designed for those who wish to further their directorship skills and knowledge, or enhance their skills in reporting to a board.  This five-day course will provide the tools to strengthen your performance and the confidence to take a seat at the board table.  The course is ideal for executive directors, senior executives and aspiring directors, and will be held in Hobart on 17-18 and 24-26 October.  Register today, or contact Ann Harvey on (03) 6242 2200 for further information.

Local Government Regional Breakfast Series

The Local Government Association of Tasmania (LGAT) is pleased to present the second round of regional breakfasts for 2016, proudly sponsored by Vision Super.  This series will focus on emergency management and how the emergency services industry is learning from past disasters and positioning itself to meet future challenges.  Guest speakers include the Chief Officer of the Tasmania Fire Service, Chris Arnol, who will discuss the impact that climate change is having on bushfire hazards, and Peter Edwards, who led the emergency response during the 2013 Dunalley bushfires and was appointed as the Coordinator of the Tasmanian Flood Recovery Taskforce in response to the devastating June floods.  The breakfasts will be held in Hobart (18 October), Launceston (25 October) and Devonport (4 November)Bookings are required by 7 October.  Attendance costs $55.00 (members) and 66.00 (non-members).  To register, visit the LGAT website, or phone (03) 6233 5966.

Course for New Supervisors

The Training Consortium, in partnership with the Australian Institute of Management, is offering a two-day course in Launceston, from 18-19 October, providing the foundation skills to effectively make the transition from team mate to supervisor.  It focuses on effective communication, team performance and workplace relationship management.  Access the tools and techniques needed to overcome the common challenges faced by new supervisors.  Find out more here.

Governance Forum 2016

Governance Forum 2016Governance is in the spotlight more than ever before.  Enhance your integrity and strive for excellence in governance by informing yourself on the latest news, trends and issues surrounding governance and risk management within the public sector.  Immediate past Director of Local Government, Phillip Hoysted, will be joining this year's Governance Institute of Australia's Governance Forum as a special guest, on 18 October, at the Henry Jones Art Hotel in Hobart.  Commencing with a networking lunch, the forum will equip delegates with practical knowledge, good governance advice and strategic thinking.  Click here for an overview of program sessions.

Women in Leadership Tasmania Summit 2016Women and Leadership

Women and LeadershipLiquid Learning is delighted to debut the Women in Leadership Tasmania Summit 2016.  Will you seize the opportunity to build invaluable networks and refine your leadership credentials?  From 5-8 December, don’t miss the opportunity to network and get inspired from accomplished Tasmanian front-runners from corporate and government backgrounds who will share their expertise and offer advice to help future leaders achieve their full potential.  Providing a platform for specialised leadership skill development, this event showcases Tasmania’s pre-eminent leaders from the Public and Private Sectors. Among them, Jenny Gale, Secretary at Department of Education and Dr Katrena Stephenson, Chief Executive Officer of the Local Government Association of Tasmania.  Secure your place today and receive a 10% discount as a member of LGAT.

Crucial Conversations

Complex workplace regulation and the Fair Work Commission increasingly intervene during the employment relationship, meaning managing workplace behaviours increasingly leads to legal claims.  Reliance on disciplinary processes and warning letters does not get performance results and often does not build the case needed to remove poor performers and avoid the risk of successful legal claims.  The solution is to manage most workplace behaviours through meaningful, two way regular performance discussions and not complex performance or disciplinary processes.  Build a relationship of trust and understand your people so they will be genuinely open to performance conversations.  This practical workshop will provide frameworks to managing behaviours that can fit with the organisation’s way of doing things and can be adapted to the individual manager’s style.  The workshop will be held at Brighton (7 November), Burnie (10 November) and Riverside (22 November).  Attendance costs $66 (inc GST).  Registrations are required by 31 October.  Head to the LGAT website for further details.

Land Capability Assessment for Onsite Wastewater Management

A course designed for those involved in land capability assessment, planning, design, installation, regulation, management and performance supervision of domestic onsite and decentralised wastewater management systems, will be held in Melbourne, from 9-11 November.  The course teaches key skills in Land Capability Assessment and the design and management of onsite and decentralised wastewater management systems to comply with current legislation.  Registration costs $2,084.50 (incl GST)To find out more, go to the Environmental Training website.

16th International Cities and Town Centres Conference

Early-bird registrations are closing soon for the 16th International Cities and Town Centres Conference, being held in Launceston, from 9-11 November.  Themed Future Places: Conflict in Harmony, the ICTC program covers a range of topics that consider what our future places will need and look like, and what urban design, planning and economic strategies we adopt to accommodate changing consumer and citizen preferences.  The speakers, including LGAT Policy Director, Dion Lester, will explore connectivity, accessibility, digital innovation and infrastructure, and how they tie into the liveable cities agenda.  Register here.

National Local Roads and Transport Congress 2016

Meeting the current and future demand of Australia's transport industry is one of the most important challenges facing the nation's economy and transport infrastructure providers.  Local roads underpin the freight movement and productivity of our nation.  Effective road financing and appropriate asset management are critical to the successful management of our local roads.  This is reflected in the theme of this year's National Local Roads and Transport Congress 'Local Infrastructure - Developing Region'.  The congress will be held in Toowoomba, from 9-11 November.  Your Council's attendance at this year's Roads Congress strengthens the work that ALGA and LGAT is doing to secure better funding for Local Government roads and infrastructure.  Click here for more information or to register your attendance.

AICD to Provide Stronger Support for Tasmanian Businesses and their Boards

Company Directors CourseTasmanian companies are set to benefit from the expanded range of governance services offered by the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).  Known for its director training programs, the AICD has introduced a new, tailor-made approach to enable sector-specific and organisation-specific issues to be covered in-depth.  Numerous Tasmanian organisations have already benefited from the comprehensive training and some of them have collaborated on bringing in additional partners to share in the training.  These include the Tasmanian Training Consortium which provides a unique and collaborative model for a whole-of-public sector approach to training for Federal, State and Local Government entities based in Tasmania.  Local Government representatives were amongst the participants in the most recent program.  For more information, visit the AICD website.

Local Government Events

Organisational Change Workshop, Launceston 12 October
LG Professionals Tasmania Conference, Cradle Mountain 12-14 October
LGAT Regional Breakfast, Hobart 18 October
LGAT Regional Breakfast, Launceston 25 October
Mayors' Workshop, Devonport 3 November
LGAT Regional Breakfast, Devonport 4 November
General Meeting, Devonport 4 November
Crucial Conversations Workshop, Bridgewater 7 November
Crucial Conversations Workshop, Burnie 10 November
Crucial Conversations Workshop, Riverside 22 November
LG Professionals Tasmania S.I.G. Meeting - Human Resources, Campbell Town 24 November


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